service fees

Cannascribe Membership-Yearly Fee Starting at $100 + taxes

  • The subscription with Cannascribe covers the cost of the clinics, the physician, liaison between you and the LP of your choice. Multiple prescription renewals no matter how many times you are required to renew throughout the year. This also includes unlimited counselling and advocacy on your behalf

Membership Renewal-Yearly Fee Starting at $100 + taxes

  • this includes one change of LP at renewal time as each renewal requires a new registration

Change of License Producer - $50 + taxes

  • this fee is applicable for each LP amendment throughout the year (no exceptions)

Missed/Cancelled Appointment - $50 + taxes

  • If for any reason the patient missed an appointment without giving proper notice for rescheduling this fee must be paid before a new appointment is booked

Copy of Prescription - $50 + taxes

  • this fee is to ensure the patients prescription is not being given to illegal dispensaries to purchase illegal product

Medical Document Transfer - $50 + taxes

  • this includes private insurance companies, parole/probation officers, specialists who are not involved in the Cannascribe Network

ACMPR Consultation - $ TBD

  • please call to book an appointment 



Refund & Returns policy 

Due to the nature of Cannascribe services all service fees collected are non-refundable and no returns are available. If there is a cancellation request it must be made via email to outlining the nature of the request, the date, method of payment and contact information including e-mail, primary phone number and home address.