How to get legal medical marijuana in Canada

If you have been following the news, you may have seen a recent flurry of marijuana dispensary raids, closures and even arrests of their customers. This short post may help to clarify some of the misconceptions about the legality of medical marijuana.

As per Canadian law the only legal way to acquire medical cannabis is with a recognized physician that will fill out a medical document granting the patients access to medical cannabis. You have to have seen a practitioner who issues a prescription and that prescription is placed with a federally regulated licensed producer.

After you get your prescription, you will need to file it with a Licensed Producer and then the medicine is ordered online and delivered to the your home by mail. With the first order, you will also receive their Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

Although dispensaries are also issuing “membership cards” these are NOT considered legal in the eyes of the law. If authorities do pull you over and find marijuana on your person and you have a membership card from a dispensary they could technically charge you, if they choose to do so under the current law.

On the contrary, if you were pulled over and had your marijuana in your labeled licensed producer packaging that your medicine comes in then this proves that you are a registered legal patient. You can also safely fly within Canada and have your medicine on your person, as long as you have the labeled licensed producer packaging.

Major Differences between dispensaries and licensed producers: 

Licensed Producer

  • Government approved
  • Regulated production of medical cannabis by trained professional grower
  • Strict standards for THC and CBD levels
  • Orders of the medication are made online and delivered by mail to patients home
  • Product packaging are ensure to be child proof
  • Regulation on purity testing to ensure the medicine is free from moulds, heavy metals and toxins
  • Medical cannabis card are recognized by authorities in Canada
  • Patient care and customer service is provided by experts on the field of medical cannabis


  • Not approved by government
  • Production of medical cannabis is not regulated
  • THC and CBD levels are not verified
  • Purchase of cannabis can be done at the front store
  • Product packaging are not child proof.
  • Product is at risk of containing mould, heavy metal and toxins, according to an investigation done in Winnipeg.
  • Medical cannabis card are NOT recognized by authorities in Canada, patient could still get in trouble with the law
  • Lack of customer service and patient care, staff is usually not knowledgeable on patient medical symptoms.

Cannascribe is one of Canada’s longest standing services assisting medical patients in obtaining safe and legal prescription marijuana.

Diane FilipeCannascribe